Eco Industrial Park in Punta Cana

Dominican Republic

The concept of Eco-industrial Park (EIP) refers to putting in place serviced industrial infrastructure conducive to attracting new investments, especially in manufacturing, while at the same time promoting environmental sustainability. Industrial development has been perceived as the fundamental enabler for economic growth and poverty reduction in developing countries. Indeed, technological development and boosting job creation are major contributors to achieving industry-oriented economic growth. However, to achieve sustainable and resilient development, environmental and social sustainability aspects must have equal importance.

While primarily created for economic and environmental reasons, eco-industrial parks are an emerging contributor to environmentally and socially sustainable development. The social benefits of EIPs include the creation of facilities such as schools, clinics, community centers and education and training programs.

It is our intention to replicate the Punta Cana project in other regions with similar problems, thus promoting the dissemination of environmental technology and innovation acrsoss communities. One of the main objectives is to develop a collaborative workflow between international private sectors and local academic institutions, in the framework of LAUDATO SI’.

Guatemala Pastic Waste Strategic Plan


The Caribbean coastal areas around the Guatemala–Honduras border, in particular Bahia de Omoa, are suffering from a dramatic crisis of pollution resulting from poor waste management.Hundreds of thousands of tons of plastic waste are flowing downstream through rivers from illegal, unregulated landfills and other sources. These massive amounts of waste reach the coastal and marine environment of the Western Caribbean and cause tremendous adverse environmental, health, economic and social impacts.

Operating under the Cartagena Convention, and within the “Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter Management (RAPMaLi) for the Wider Caribbean Region 2014”,  the project will establish a zone of cooperation between Guatemala and Honduras in their common affected zone, and develop a joint, holistic strategic action plan to address the environmental crisis.

Our ability to deal with the current hazardous waste situation is only part of the holistic solution, Using Scholas’s global network we will invest in Environmental education and will strengthen the community relations and involvement with creation of a mutual strategic plan That will enable proper treatment of the water – waste – energy in the entire area.

“Getting Warmer”

A Stimulating Children’s Book on Global Warming

Click to view “Getting Warmer” in English language

Click to view “Getting Warmer” in Spanish language

Although global warming is a well-highlighted subject, it is rarely explained in ways young children can comprehend and grasp. ”Getting Warmer” explains and demonstrates the phenomenon of global warming, using an easy-to-replicate experiment that can be performed by everyone at home, in schools and kindergartens. The book is part of our extensive educational agenda through which we deliver a clear message: anyone at any age can do something for our common home – planet earth. We believe that now, more than ever, our responsibility in educating the next generations is one of our greatest tasks, we accompany each and every one of our projects with suitable educational activities within the designated area.

This first educational project from Y.A. Maof and the future ones to follow in cooperation with Scholas will serve as an ideologic infrastructure for the upcoming years.

We specialize in the Technology Transfer process, turning visionary innovative ideas and technology into living projects.
We invite academic initiatives to join us, embrace our international ‘Bridge Plan’ and take steps into wider and fruitful collaboration.

To get more information about the possibilities of participation in the Scholas-Maof venture, please fill out the form and we will contact you shortly:

  • To get more information about the possibilities of participation in the Scholas-Maof venture, please fill out the form and we will contact you shortly:

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